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Dark Hive Technology Solutions offers software defined datacenters architecture, cloud optimization and datacenter modernization including physical security, power and cooling.

Migrating to the Cloud

This is typically the first touch point with our customers. Enterprises need help in selecting cloud services providers. DHT provides comparisons between Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform with respect to price, performance and features. DHT provides cloud strategy insights and advise on migration and optimization of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Additionally, we assist in training on cloud best practices. Top services include:

  • Application Migration
  • File Server & Data Migration
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

DevOps Management

Companies are looking for an easy way to create and tear down infrastructure to meet specific workloads such as a batch job. Automation is also needed to bring up  servers in cloud in a consistent manner.  These orchestration and provisioning services, typically performed by DevOps engineers can make or break cloud adoption.  We are experts in all major configuration management tools such as Chef, Ansible, Puppet, AWS CloudFormation, and Terraform. We leverage these tools to build a secure, compliant cloud for our customers.

Agility and consistency is not only needed in orchestration and provisioning of cloud services but also in the way enterprises develop and deploy applications to cloud.  Instead of spending several days in testing and integration phase, companies prefer to find bugs earlier in the development cycle.  They also like to run build jobs (software compilation) and automated tests. If successful, applications are deployed automatically.   These incremental changes that have smaller system impact are preferred over the monolithic changes that might break the system in unanticipated ways.

DHT can deftly guide you through the DevOps processes and procedures in the cloud.

Cloud Based Managed
Website Hosting

As your company matures, so should your Internet presence. DHT provides website development, managed hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, and flexible web hosting options for dedicated and fully managed cloud solutions.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

At the highest level, hyperconvergence is a way to enable cloudlike economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, and availability you expect in your own data center. Hyperconverged infrastructure provides significant benefits:

Data Efficiency:

Hyperconverged infrastructure reduces storage, bandwidth, and IOPS requirements.


Hyperconvergence makes it easy to scale out/in resources as required by business demands.


A focus on the virtual machine (VM) or workload as the cornerstone of enterprise IT, with all supporting constructs revolving around individual VMs.

Data Protection:

Ensuring that data can be restored in the event of loss or corruption is a key IT requirement, made far easier by hyperconverged infrastructure.

VM Mobility:

Hyperconvergence enables greater application/workload mobility.

High Availability:

Hyperconvergence enables higher levels of availability than possible in legacy systems.

Cost Efficiency:

Hyperconverged infrastructure brings to IT a sustainable step-based economic model that eliminates waste. Hyperconvergence is the ultimate in an overall trend of convergence that has hit the market in recent years. Convergence is intended to bring simplicity to increasingly complex data centers.

Rethink Internal IT Resources

If you’re a business that has on premise server and storage hardware running internally developed applications, you’re probably spending more on IT than necessary. Let our consultants provide you with a free audit of your IT environment.

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